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Recent Webinar Recordings:

How Smart Devices are Cutting Hotel Energy Costs
Presented by James McPhail, Zen Ecosystems on August 7, 2018

The average U.S. hotel/motel spends $2,196 per guest room on energy each year, but reducing these costs can be accomplished. Zen Ecosystems CEO, James McPhail will discuss how hotel stakeholders can use the latest IoT devices and technology to simply and effectively reduce energy use and benefit the bottom line.

Why the Hospitality Industry Needs to Consider Cyber Insurance
Presented by Patrick Costello and Joel Brand, G2 Insurance on July 18, 2018

Come learn the “Top 5 reasons why Hospitality Clients need Cyber Insurance”.  With each passing day, there is another cyber breach, causing many hotels and hotel management firms six and even seven figure losses.  From credit card companies’ fees, to notifications, to forensic costs, a cyber breach can cause irreparable harm upon the Hospitality Industry.  This seminar will explore these reasons, along  with recent case studies, to help educate why cyber liability insurance is vital to your overall risk and insurance management portfolio.  This course will also detail what do to in the event of a breach, and the steps recommended to help mitigate further loss.

Due to technical issues, there is no recording of this webinar. You can download the presentation using the link below and contact Joel Brand, Vice President, G2 Insurance at jbrand@2insurance.com with any questions.

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Cal/OSHA MIPP Compliance Review
Presented by David Mastey, CSP, Pekron Consulting Inc. on July 12, 2018

Review of Cal/OSHA MIPP compliance requirements and provide guidance on the implementation of the MIPP program and procedures.  Topics include the assigning of responsibilities, conducting ergonomic assessment of housekeeper activities, safe work practices training, and record-keeping elements.

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Understanding and Using Labor Productivity Measurements in Your Hotel
Presented by David Lund, The Hotel Financial Coach on June 19, 2018

In our business operators are not typically focused on units of production compared to units of labor. I have a system I teach my clients that is straightforward and does not require any software. This includes how hotels can establish key business indicators “KBI’s” for individual departments to use when planning/scheduling and tracking actual results by  area. This can be readily applied to any size hotel operation with no capital cost, just some work.

Follow the money! Is Google Analytics at work for you?
Presented by Lisa Kolb, Acorn Internet Services on May 9, 2018

Come to this informative webinar to learn the basics of how Google Analytics can help you determine where to spend your marketing dollars.  Direct Bookings are becoming more and more important in today’s world of OTA driven bookings.  Google Analytics will help you better understand your direct side of the house.  Is your Google Analytics installed properly?  Are you using a Booking Engine that  supports E-Commerce Tracking? Do you know how to read and interpret the basic reports to understand if your marketing dollars are well spent?  We’ll share this and more during this session!

Effective Digital Marketing Tips For California Hoteliers
Presented by Todd Maxwell, eMaximize on April 25, 2018

Learn effective ways to attract new guests and stretch your marketing budget. Max will separate the old tired strategies from the new and effective. Learn simple tactics that any hotel can do to boost new customer growth with social media, web design, PPC, mobile & content marketing.

How to Overcome the Top 3 Distribution Challenges
Presented by Austin Lopez, Siteminder on April 18, 2018

There is no uniform approach to optimize distribution for hoteliers. Hotel managers have to do everything themselves, all at once, and have to recognize OTAs as inevitable. Join this webinar to learn how to create a strategy based on your unique data, how guest experience and distribution are highly interlinked, and how to optimize your OTA strategy while driving direct bookings.

What’s the Buzz About: Legalized Marijuana and the Hospitality Industry
Presented by Diyari Vázquez, Michelman & Robinson on February 21, 2018

This webinar, presented by Diyari Vázquez, a premier hospitality and employment lawyer from Michelman & Robinson, LLP, addresses the impact of legalized marijuana on the hotel and resort business and workplace. Ms. Vazquez will discuss the rising tide of states that permit the use of recreational and/or medical cannabis; the federal law that outlaws pot  and treats the drug no different than cocaine, heroin or LSD; the growing popularity of marijuana tourism – a boon to the hoteliers to be sure; and the potential issues that arise between employers and employees that smoke, vape or otherwise consume the substance.

Securing Your Property from the Back Door to the Breakroom
Presented by Edward Robusto, Predictive Leadership Solutions on January 17, 2018

Theft and violence is more likely to be committed in the hospitality industry by your employees and vendors than random external forces. When it comes to protecting your property, your employees and vendors make up over 40% of the losses a company sees each year.  Over 70% of vendor employees admit to stealing from their clients.  This webinar is designed to discuss ways to better control who is allowed on your property by screening out undesirables.

Hoteliers & Cost Segregation: Hidden Tax Reductions You Didn’t Know You Had Presented by Rhett Gagon, Cost Segregation Authority on December 6, 2017

As a business and, or Real Estate owner your tax burden can often be a burden and a discouraging necessity. This webinar will help illuminate opportunities to reduce your tax burden on your hotel, simply by identifying in detail the hidden assets within your building.

Hospitality and Human Trafficking: The Risk-Reward Equation
Presented by Brenda Wells, i-5 Freedom Network on November 14, 2017

This webinar looks at opportunities and the ROI for hoteliers to address the issue of human trafficking proactively, the risks and vulnerabilities to hoteliers in regards to potential HT onsite, review some case studies, and address potential legal liability to property owners that do not intervene on time.

ADA Compliance Laws – How They Affect Your Hotel’s Website
Presented by Raj Patel, INNsight.com on October 18, 2017

Due to evolving laws, hoteliers must ensure that their hotel website and online marketing is Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Title III and WCAG 2.0 Level AA Compliant. Your online content, reservation system, electronic media, and mobile applications need to be compliant to avoid ‘click-by’ lawsuits where state laws allow plaintiffs to recover  litigation costs, attorney fees, and cash for “damages.”  Avoid a Costly Lawsuit and learn what measures to take to ensure that your website is both ADA Compliant and Accessible by joining Raj Patel with this important educational webinar.

6 Ways to Survive Hotel Budget Season
Presented by Sydney Wilson, Tambourine Hotel Marketing on September 27, 2017

As budget season approaches, we’re here to help you plan for a profitable 2018 with six smart hotel sales and marketing budget strategies. The most vital component of your budget planning is taking time for thorough introspection, honest reviews of what is currently working and not working, and open conversations with your hotel owners, colleagues, sales staff, guests and even your comp set. This due diligence will give you real information and real numbers to build your budget, instead of blindly relying on your gut for what will work and what won’t.

Whats Next for Hotel F&B Operations
Presented by Rafe Gabel, Puccini Group on September 6, 2017

F&B has become a leading factor in developing a hotel’s personality, creating a sense of arrival and destination, and differentiating outstanding properties. What does the future of hotel dining look like? How can hoteliers convert their F&B into a foremost guest amenity, while simultaneously creating a dining destination for local clientele? Join Rafe Gabel, the Vice President of  Operations at Puccini Group, for this webinar, which will explore how hotels can future-proof their existing F&B operations to stay competitive and relevant in today’s market.

Making Your Hotel a Job Seeker Magnet
Presented by Ryan Kohler, ApplicantPro on August 22, 2017

The hiring & retention of quality employees, especially front desk and housekeeping, is vitally important for a hotel trying to maintain high satisfaction ratings & RevPAR.  Unfortunately low unemployment, e-verify, and the competition for talent with alternative jobs in other industries is making it hard for Hotels to compete. This session covers creative ideas and techniques for improving your hiring and retention without breaking your budget. These aren’t just tricks to generating applicants, they will also set your company apart from the competition and ensure that your best employees stick around.

Resilience and Microgrids in the Hospitality Industry
Presented by Andrea Marr, Regatta Solutions on July 18, 2017

Increasingly, facilities are having to deal with the consequences of an aging electric grid – from brownouts to blackouts. Even properties with stable grid power are seeing dramatic utility rate increases and trying to figure out how to be more independent of the grid. In this webinar, we will review what it means to operate a microgrid and provide a brief overview of the current energy technologies on the market. Based on Regatta’s experience with solar, battery storage and cogeneration, we will talk about how alternative technologies can work together to reduce bills, help the bottom line and make hotels more resilient.

New Tech Trends
Presented by Raj Patel, INNsight.com on June 28, 2017

Raj will discuss how to incorporate new technology trends to get the most out of your digital marketing while finding new ways to appeal to guests, increase occupancy and guest satisfaction while improving operational efficiency.  IoT, check-in kiosks, In-room touch screen controls, robots, WiFi, apps, amenities and more.

  • Integration of Systems: How you can  stitch together all of your systems from your Property Management System to your Digital Marketing System and Facilities Management System to create a seamless guest experience and improve operational efficiency
  • How Internet of Things is already embedded in today’s hospitality landscape and how such implementation will continue to evolve the guest experience in the future
  • Robotics and Automation in the hotel industry: Automation is coming to the industry and what that means for owners, employees, and guests
  • Big Data: How hotels can use and leverage Big Data to increase both the top line and the bottom line

Unlock Better Hotel Financing
Presented by Jennifer Davis, TMC Financing on June 21, 2017

Hotel sales and construction are booming in California, with plenty of room to grow. The SBA 504 loan offers below market, long-term, fixed interest rates with as low as 15% down.  The loans can be used for purchase, construction (land included), renovations and refinancing existing debt. Independent and franchised properties qualify and energy efficiency  improvements can unlock additional capital.

Hotel California – Mo Music, Mo Problems
Presented by Ilse Scott, Michelman & Robinson on June 7, 2017

Doest your hotel have music (recorded, live, or even the backround jingle of a TV program? The answer is likely yes. Music enhances the guest experience, but also comes with certain licensing requirements and risks. This webinar provides an explanation of music copyright and licensing best practices for the hospitality industry. It covers how to determine when a music license is needed, who is responsible for licensing, tips for resolving licensing and payment disputes, and avoiding copyright infringement lawsuits so you don’t run into “mo problems” with “mo music”.

Health Care Options: Traditional vs. Alternatives
Presented by Derek Moore, Crystal & Company on May 19, 2017

Derek Moore, an Employee Benefits specialist at Crystal & Company, will discuss employers alternatives to traditional Health Care programs for their employees. Self-funding, high-deductible, and Private Exchange benefits solutions will be discussed, detailing flexibility, cost savings, and the robustness of each option.

Topics to Avoid at the Breakfast Table
Presented by Jeff Thurrell, Fisher Phillips on May 10, 2017

Jeff Thurrell of Fisher & Phillips LLP will presents a an engaging briefing of relevant topics that are not easily discussed in the workplace. The briefing will discuss political chatter in the workplace, free speech issues, and cases and decisions from the National Labor Relations Board; California’s new marijuana legislation and what it means for employers and their employees; and other timely topics such as transgender employees and ways for employers to deal with issues of gender and sexuality in the workplace.

Keeping up With California’s Changing Labor Laws
Presented by Jennifer Searock, Searock HR Consulting and Heartland Payment Systems on April 17, 2017

This webinar presents an overview of California’s changing labor laws, including minimum wage increases in the coming years, overtime rules for metro areas, and keeping track of time & attendance.

Network Ninja with Event Internet Planning
Presented by Ron Fariss, PSAV on March 29, 2017

PSAV’s Network Ninja presentation is designed to be fun, informative and most of all useful for those involved in planning Internet services for meetings and events. The presentation is very general and not too technical. Its content is designed to assist those who buy and sell HSIA services regularly for their events. Each attendee will walk away with a better understanding of what is needed to deliver a rich Internet experience and the associated costs that go along with it.

5 Tips on How to Design a Highly-Converting Website
Presented by Q4 Launch on January 18, 2017

Your website is often times the first place that a potential guest comes in contact with your property. This makes it absolutely crucial that your website is designed to turn lookers into bookers! With that in mind, you want to do everything you can to make sure that your website traffic is translating into revenue. So, how do you make that happen? This webinar is designed to give you five tips on how you can bring traffic to your site and convert that traffic into leads and bookings.