Egg Dishes and Breakfast Entrees
Asparagus with Poached Eggs & Pancetta

Makes 8 Servings

Lime Beurre Blanc Sauce:
1 shallot, minced
2 tablespoons seasoned rice wine vinegar
½ teaspoon ground coriander
½ teaspoon sugar
½ cup white wine or Champagne Juice and zest of 1 lime
2 tablespoons butter, cut into 3 pieces
Salt and white pepper, to taste

Asparagus with Poached Eggs:
2 bunches asparagus, ends trimmed
8 large eggs, poached soft
6 slices pancetta, cut into matchstick strips
½ cup shaved Parmesan cheese
Freshly ground pepper, to taste
Freshly ground nutmeg, to taste

For the sauce: Heat a heavy skillet over medium heat. Combine shallots, vinegar, coriander and sugar; add to skillet. Add wine and cook, whisking occasionally, until shallots are very tender and liquid is reduced by half. Whisk in lime juice and zest. Add butter, 1 piece at a time, whisking well after each addition until combined. Season with salt and white pepper. For the asparagus and poached eggs: Preheat oven to 400°F. Put asparagus in a baking dish. Scatter pancetta over asparagus. Bake until asparagus is just tender and pancetta has begun to crisp. Remove from oven and divide among plates. Top with poached egg. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Drizzle with buerre blanc sauce. Season with pepper and nutmeg.

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“This was inspired by a traditional Italian recipe. It works beautifully as an elegant breakfast dish.” —Innkeeper, Seven Gables Inn--Seven Gables Inn on Monterey Bay
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